Speaking Topics

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Speaking Topics

His Picture...both big & small (day retreat)

(2-minute promotional video)

God guides. God speaks. But we have to ask for his help daily and learn to be better listeners. Join us for an interactive retreat that will help you combine your  daily choices with God’s bigger picture. Christian Life Purpose Coach Liz Lassa will teach us using two life-changing and tangible prayer tools that make this simple. You won’t want to miss His picture for your life! 

The 1st session is her "Tuning Into the Spirit" talk that teaches listening for the Lord's guidance with the help of the Spiritual Circle Journal. In the 2nd session she teaches the "My Life Now" map and gives the women time to complete it and then come back and process it together in triads. The purpose of the maps are to help people recognize and respond to God in their story.

Note: Liz is a Life Maps facilitator. During this retreat she can launch your Listen to My Life - Life Maps group with two, 2-3 hour sessions or she can just do the first "My Life Now" map as a stand alone tool within the retreat. 

If you just want to introduce your ladies to the maps and you want to let them form their own groups, that is fine too. They will get so much out of these sessions regardless of if they do another map. The maps are one of the best Biblical tools for life purpose/life direction that Liz has found. In fact, the whole Spiritual Circle Journal and all God has her doing now came out of completing the maps process herself as she was getting trained to use them with clients. For more information visit the maps website at www.onelifemaps.com

"Very transformational. This was just what I needed right now."...."Liz was energetic, engaging, and real!!!" ..."This is exactly what I have been praying for.....Life Changing....Applicable for anyone at any age and stage." 

Lead Well & Love It (MOPS/Mom's Group Leadership Training)

This is the training I wish I had when I first stepped into MOPS Leadership. Why? Because we come from different backgrounds and experiences. Having the whole team start from the same page makes for a more joyful serving experience and better teamwork. I have learned some practical leadership lessons over 10 years in ministry (3 on MOPS steering and 1 of those as a coordinator before God asked me to step out of that role - which led to the creation of the Spiritual Circle Journal). I want to share these lessons so leaders can be more effective as they serve these precious moms.

This talk is not about roles and responsibilities, but about how to lead well in various situations. At the close of every steering year I reflected on all God had taught me as a leader, often through mistakes. The result was 7 pages of "lessons learned" that I passed to future leaders who said this information was invaluable. This training prepares leaders so they can lead well and love it! (60 minutes w/ Q & A)

"I can't thank you enough! I keep getting emails from women about how beneficial the training was. It was a special morning."

- MOPS Coordinator

""This was great! We connected and grew as leaders. It opened us up for a great follow-up conversation and continued training."

- MOPS Table Leader Coordinator"

From Sparks to Flames! (or titled Free to Be Me!)

From Sparks to Flames! 

Has the God-given spark within you grown dim? Maybe that is in part because you don’t know what lights you up. Christian Life Purpose Coach Liz Lassa will help you 1) discover your top 10 unique core values 2) find ways to tend the fire God has put in your soul 3) use this information to become an unstoppable force for good in your corner of the world. Values are internal motivators that just need fuel poured on them to set a heart ablaze! 

Free to Be Me! Discovering Your Unique Core Values

Knowing what lights us up leads to a happier person, a better marriage, and more in common with our kids. Also, God uses our values to make us a powerful force for good while freeing us to be who He made us to be. Join Liz Lassa as she helps you name your top 10 values and brainstorm ways to incorporate them into your life! (50 minutes)

"Thanks Liz for helping me dig deeper and identify my core values. I'm finding that I can make decisions faster and with more confidence because I now know what is truly important to me."

"This helped me think about what is important to me and how I can incorporate it into my life."

Gossip Girl No More

Safe and loving community starts with a gossip-free zone. But how do we create that? Join Liz Lassa as she talks about the tough subject of gossip in a way that will lead to life change. She will help you define what is and is not gossip, will give you tangible ways to deal with it when it comes at you, and recognize where you struggle most with this in your life. Authentic and deep relationships happen to those who go first and lead by example as they take this talk to heart! (40 minutes w/ Q & A).

"Everyone needs to hear this talk, both young and old! - MOPS Mentor 

Tuning Into the Spirit OR Finding God in the Chaos (see options below or we can write our own title/copy)

1 hr, 2 hr, 3 hr options for mini-retreats

Tuning into the Spirit 

Is there a difference between the Christian life and the Spirit-led Christian life? Yes! Living Spirit-led is a daily walk with God where actions are taken based on how the Lord leads in big and small ways. This is where our faith grows as we partner with God and see Him moving in our lives ALL THE TIME! Join Liz Lassa as she:

  • shares her "Spirit-led" story;
  • provides tangible examples of what Spirit-led looks like and how to better see God's daily guidance; and
  • presents a simple and fun way of connecting with God that leads to a deeper relationship with Him.
Great mini-retreat for all stages of faith! See flyer sample Liz provides here

"Liz teaches you HOW to walk with God."

"I love this way of connecting with God. It helps take you deep quick!"

"Great tool for guiding your time with God. Makes it easier and faster, but more meaningful."

"I hate journaling and I love this!"

"This is an excellent way to SEE what God is doing in your life."

Finding God in the Chaos

True transformation begins when we take time to be still with God, which is easier said than done. But what if you could connect deeply with God in just 10 minutes using a simple tool? How would your life change if you lived expecting God to guide your steps? Join Liz Lassa as she presents a quick and fun method of seeking God called Spiritual Circle Journaling that teaches you how to 1) keep God at the center of this busy season with littles 2) listen better and notice how He is leading 3) discern His plans for your life so you can walk with purpose. 

To book Liz email [email protected]

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