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 Liz Lassa Speaking Video Clip

Topics, Calendar & Testimonials

(sample event flyers & host materials)

As a wife of 25 years, mom of 3, ministry leader for 11 + years, life purpose coach, MAPS facilitator, and journal creator, Liz Lassa has great topics that will challenge, inspire, and grow your women. If you want to teach the spiritual practice of journaling Liz is the one to call (and yes, she can speak virtually)!

Liz's specialty is fostering deep connections and that flows throughout her talks. She can present a topic within your established meeting, girl's night out, retreat, leadership training, conference OR as a retreat leader she can present a mini-retreat or workshop uniquely designed for your group (or use an existing turnkey retreat utilizing a provided flyer template.)

Processing Prayers on Paper:

The Spiritual Practice of Journaling

Has the God-given spark within you grown dim? Maybe that is because you don't know what lights you up...

Learn More

Better Than Chocolate

True transformation begins when we take time to be still with God, which is easier said than done. But what if you could connect deeply with God in just 10 minutes using a simple tool?...

Learn More

Gossip Girl No More

πŸ”‰ 30-minute talk here

This is the training Liz wished she had when she stepped into MOPS leadership! It is designed to prepare both new and seasoned leaders...

Learn More

Loving Lavishly  

Has the God-given spark within you grown dim? Maybe that is because you don't know what lights you up...

Learn More

Lead Well & Love It!

Safe and loving community happens when we use our words to warm our world, and that starts with a gossip-free zone. But how do we create that? Join Liz...

Learn More

Seeking God Retreat

(art & journaling)

Want a turnkey, day retreat for your ladies?  

Learn More

His Picture...both big & small Retreat 

(Christian Life Mapping & journaling)

This day retreat ties the things Liz does best together. She helps people learn to discern God's daily, little leadings and connects the dots to the bigger picture. 

Learn More

Event Calendar

Contact Liz at [email protected] to book your live or online event, girl's night out, retreat, or workshop.


2/17/21 - Moms in the Middle, Faith Church, Cedar Lake, IN (Loving Lavishly - in person)

1/15/21 - South Park Church, Mentoring Launch, Park Ridge, IL (Zoom)

1/14/21 - Private Event, Mary Kilberg's Family, Friends & Clients (Processing Prayers on Paper - Zoom)

1/12/21 - Journaling Class for Christmas Bundle Buyers (Zoom)


11/19/20 - Facebook Journaling Community Event, Free 30-minute Journaling Session

11/17/20 - Kelley & Kate's Journaling Workshop - Private Event (Processing Prayers on Paper - Zoom)

11/9/20 - Girl's Night Out, Christ Community Church, St. Charles, IL (Processing Prayers on Paper by Zoom)

11/7/20 - Iron Sharpens Iron Women's Conference, Moline, IL (Better than Chocolate - in person)

10/29/20 - Connection Christian Church Women's Event, Dardenne Prairie, MO (Processing Prayers on Paper - online & in-person event simultaneously)

10/26/20 - Facebook Journaling Community Event, 30-minute Journaling Session (Zoom)

10/13/20 - Quarterly Journaling Class open to the Public with 

ticket (Processing Prayers on Paper  - Zoom)

10/9/20 - Moms in the Middle, Faith Church, Beecher, IL (Loving Lavishly - in person)

10/5/20 - Moms Plus. St. James Parish, Arlington Heights, IL (Gossip Girl No More - Zoom)

9/22/20 - MOPS New Carlisle in New Carlisle, IN (Better than Chocolate! - Zoom)

7/30/20 - South Park Church, Summer Series, Park Ridge, IL (The Woman & the Alabaster Jar - Zoom)

5/14 PM & 5/15 AM - South Park Church, Park Ridge, IL (Processing Prayers on Paper - Zoom)  

4/9/20 - MOPS Light of Christ, Algonquin, IL (Gossip Girl No More - Zoom)

2/21/20 - MOPS Crosslife EFC, Libertyville, IL (Better Than Chocolate!)

2/5/20 - Connecting Moms at Grace Bible Church, Minooka, IL (Better Than Chocolate!)

1/17/20 - MOPS St. John the Baptist, Winfield, IL (Find Your Spark Again!)


11/7/19 - Moms Connect, Willow Creek Community Church, Crystal Lake (Better Than Chocolate!)

10/4/19 - Orland Park CRC Mom's Group (Gossip Girl No More)

9/27/19 - Chicagoland Mom's Group Leadership Training, Living Grace Community Church, Cary, IL (Lead Well & Love It!)

9/13/19 - Women's Ministry Team & MOPS Leadership Training, South Park Church, Park Ridge, IL (Lead Well & Love It!)

4/6/2019 - Copper Creek Church, Champaign/Urbana, IL (Day Retreat - open event)

2/23/19 - CBS Leadership Retreat Gurnee Chapter, Lake Geneva, WI (Tuning Into the Spirit)

1/24/19 - Moms in the Middle, Faith Chuch, Dyer, IN (Finding God in the Chaos)

1/12/19 - South Park Church Women's Retreat, Park Ridge, IL (What's Your Focus Retreat)


11/15/18 - Embrace Mom's Group Evangelical Free Church of Crystal Lake, IL (Finding God in the Chaos)

11/7/18 - St. Teresa of Avila Guild, Mary Seat of Wisdom, Park Ridge, IL (Gossip Girl No More)

10/26/18 - MOPS Willow Creek Community Church, Barrington, IL (Gossip Girl No More)

10/18/18 - MOPS Christian Reformed Church, Palos Heights, IL (Gossip Girl No More)

5/19/18 - Lakeland Church, Gurnee, IL (Tuning into the Spirit w/ Spiritual Circle Journaling MINI-RETREAT)

5/5/18 - Teen Mothers Choice Fundraiser, Crown Point, IN (Seeking God in Fresh & Fun Ways)

4/14/18 - South Park Church Women's Retreat, Delavan, WI (Free to be Me!)

3/7/18 – MOPS South Park Church, Park Ridge, IL (Free to be Me!)

2/6/18 – St. Anne’s Guild of St. Paul Catholic Church, Park Ridge, IL (Finding God in the Chaos)

1/20/18 – MOPS Willow Creek Community Church, Barrington, IL (Finding God in the Chaos – 2 hr leader retreat)


Leaders who have booked Liz say....

Liz has a wealth of information and experience, and she speaks with passion and energy! Learning about Unique Core Values radically impacted many women in our MOPS group and has resulted in both personal and spiritual growth, and life direction. 

Kristin Flores

Past MOPS Coordinator

Park Ridge, IL 

Just got home from having a conversation with my friend who attended the retreat this weekend and she is on fire! It's so awesome to see the effect this event is having. 

Anne McClane

Author & 

Retreat Organizer

Southside Christian Church

Springfield, IL

This morning the church was abuzz with talk about the retreat yesterday and I was thanked several times for having you both. God answered our prayers and women were met in their place of need yesterday. Thank you for sharing your stories, your gifts, and God's message with us. Some of us are going to get together monthly to art journal and talk about our "God Moving" circles.

Rose Paulson

Retreat Organizer & Pastor's Wife

Lincoln, IL 

Comments from the Crowd


  • This was just what I needed! (most common response)
  • I loved it! It will help me find time for God.
  • Highly recommend! Very Informative.
  • My eyes and heart have been opened.
  • This is an excellent way to connect with God.
  • Liz teaches you how to SEE what God is doing in your life.

Liz is a dynamic and energetic speaker with a passion to help women enjoy their time with God by growing in the spiritual practice of journaling and listening to the things he is impressing on their hearts so they can see the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. - Zoom Workshop Participant

Past Speaking Engagements 


11/3-4/17 – Fellowship Alliance Chapel, Medford, NJ (His Picture…both big & small RETREAT - MAPS Launch)

10/24/17 – MOPS Immanuel Lutheran Church, Crystal Lake, IL (Gossip Girl No More)

10/6/17 – MOPS Living Grace Community Church, Cary, IL (Gossip Girl No More)

9/17 – MOPS South Park Church, Park Ridge, IL (Lead Well & Love It! – for leaders)

6/1/17 – Illinois Christian Home Educators CONFERENCE, Wheaton, IL (Making Quiet Time Fun!)

5/20/17 – St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic Church, Palatine, IL (MINI-RETREAT – Finding God in the Chaos)

4/4/17 – MOPS Christ Reformed Church, Elmhurst, IL (What Makes You Tick?)

3/9-10/17 – MOPS Christian Church of Clarendon Hills, Clarendon Hills, IL (Finding God in the Chaos)

2/22/17 – MOPS Christ Church, Oakbrook, IL (What Makes You Tick?)

2/9-10/17 – MOPS Faith Church (daytime group), Dyer, IN (Finding God in the Chaos)

1/21/17 – St. James Catholic Church, Arlington Heights, IL (Seeking God Day RETREAT for Confirmation)

1/14/17 – Private In-Home Event, St. Charles, IL (Seeking God Day RETREAT)


11/18/16 – MOPS First Presbyterian Church, Forest Park, IL (Finding God in the Chaos)

11/4/16 - MOPS CrossLife Evangelical Church, Libertyville, IL (Finding God in the Chaos)

10/27/16 – MOPS Gracefield Bible Church, Richland, MI (Finding God in the Chaos)

10/15/16 – St. James Catholic Church, Arlington Heights, IL (Pathways & Rhythms Day RETREAT - MAP)

9/20/16 – MOPS Faith Church, Highland, IN (Starry Eyed Moms)

9/15/16 – MOPS Christian Reformed Church, Palos Heights, IL (Starry Eyed Moms)

9/13/16 – Community Bible Study Homeschool Class, Park Ridge, IL (Making Quiet Time Fun!)

9/10/16 – First United Methodist Church, Lincoln, IL (Seeking God Day RETREAT)

6/8/16 – Village Church of Bartlett, Bartlett, IL (Summer Bible Study Kickoff)

5/14/16 – Southside Christian Church, Springfield, IL (Seeking God Day RETREAT)

4/20/16 – Moms Plus, Arlington Heights, IL (Finding God in the Chaos)

4/14/16 – Christ Community Church Women’s Ministry, St. Charles (Making the Invisible Visible)

4/6/16 – MOPS Northwest Covenant, Mt. Prospect, IL (What Makes You Tick?)

3/19/16 – North Point Church, Winthrop Harbor, IL (Seeking God Day RETREAT)

3/3/16 – MOPS Faith Church (night group), Dyer, IN (Finding God in the Chaos)

2/20/16 – Willow Creek Community Church, Mother/Daughter Middle School AM RETREAT, Barrington, IL (A Date with God)


11/7/15 – The Vine Christian Church, Woodstock, IL (Seeking God Day RETREAT)

10/17/15 – St. James Catholic Church, Arlington Heights, IL (Seeking God Day RETREAT)

6/13/15 – New Life Community Church, Chicago, IL (Seeking God Day RETREAT)

5/20/15 – MOPS South Park Church, Park Ridge, IL (Led β€œHeart of a Leader” training with 4 outgoing steering members)

1/24/15 – Techny Towers Retreat Center, Northbrook, IL (Seeking God Day RETREAT)


11/19/14 – MOPS South Park Church, Breakout Speaker (What Makes You Tick!)

10/23/14 – South Park Church, Milestones Series for Women’s Ministry (Life Mission)

5/30/14 – Quest Church, Bloomington, IL (Seeking God Day RETREAT)

4/12/14 – Colonial Oaks Baptist Church, Sarasota, FL (Finding God in the Chaos AM RETREAT)

2/8/14 – CBS Leadership & Open to Public Event, Rosemont, IL (Seeking God Day RETREAT)


11/16/13 – Edgefield Missionary Baptist Church, Stevenson, AL (Seeking God Day RETREAT)

11/5/13 – Sunrise Christian Reformed Church, Lafayette, IN (Spiritual Circle Journal AM RETREAT)

6/8/13 – Techny Towers Retreat Center, Northbrook, IL (Seeking God Day RETREAT)

11/12/11 – Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church, Rosemont, IL (Made for This! AM RETREAT)

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