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Chicago Area Speakers Group

We are a group of Christian speakers whose purpose is to inspire, equip, and love women through our gifts, experiences, and faith journey. We all live in the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs.  Below you will find the members of this group in alphabetical order with a list of topic options. 

"These ladies are passionate about the messages God has given them to share. They are women of character who love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. All are moms and have spoken at MOPS/Moms groups, and many have presented at women's ministry events and retreats. You can visit their websites for details about their topics." - Liz Lassa 

Jenni Von Tobel - Advocate of Disability Issues & Speaker

Matters of the Heart (Inspiring message about God being God in Crisis)

When Leading by Example Isn't Enough (Helping your kids befriend children with special needs)

Safeguarding your Children from Sexual Abuse

Liz Lassa - Christian Life Purpose Coach, Journal Creator, Life MAPS Facilitator & Speaker

Better than Chocolate! (or title "The Spiritual Practice of Journaling: Processing Prayers on Paper" or Finding God in the Chaos" or "Tuning Into the Spirit") - 1 hr, 2 or 3 hour formats. Works great for leadership retreats too!

Gossip Girl No More (connect with each other)

Find Your Spark! (connect with yourself)

Lead Well & Love It! (connect with your team - leadership training)

Seeking God in Fresh & Fun Ways (Day Retreat)

His Picture...both big and small (Day Retreat that introduces Life Maps)

Amy Joob - Author & Speaker

Esther Generation

Turning Your Detour Into Your Destiny

How to Be Fit in a Fast Food Culture

Leaving a Legacy

Tina Haisman - Certified Master Life Coach & Speaker

6 Steps to Godly Self-Care

5 Skills You Need to Create More Spark in Your Marriage

Learn How to Communicate with Your Husband in a Way He Understands

Kim Fearing - Wife, Mom & Speaker

The Riptide of Motherhood

1,000 Lies & 7 Truths

Tricia Clarke - Makeup Artist & Speaker

Jesus and Dry Shampoo

5-Minute-Face (Group Lesson)

Makeup Hot Topics

Becky Baudouin - Author, Speaker & Prep Chef

Enjoy Every Minute & Other Ridiculous Things We Say to Moms

Joyful: Five Things that Steal Our Joy and How We Can Reclaim It

More Love, Less Fear

What’s for Dinner?

Building Strong Marriages That Go the Distance

Finding Joy in the Journey (perfect for retreats and conferences)

Cancer, Faith, and Unexpected Joy